June 6, 2011

Welcome to the home of Knockout nagosa

Welcome, this is website of the newly formed gyaru and gyaruo nago sa based out of the Twin Cities area of Minnesota USA. We are currently a four member circle, but we are always looking for new members in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and suburbs.

We meet regularly to share our interests in the Japanese fashion called gyaru/gyaruo. First and foremost our circle is comprised of friends, and our activies revolve around that concept of friendship and shared interest. We do not hold events, though we do enjoy spreading the gyaru/gyaruo fashion if possible.

Please check back soon for more updates, info and pictures! As this is a very new circle, the website will be going through revisions constantly!

Sara Mari

DOB: 10/01
Style: Otona rock, rock, pop
Brand: Glad News, Forever21, tutuHA, GYDA
Color: Black, pink and white
Hobby: Blogging, taking photos
Bio: Born and raised in Minnesota, but loves to travel especially to Japan. Not the type to talk alot and enjoys collecting clothing. New to the gyaru style.


DOB: 9/13
Style: Pop-Teen, Sweet, Nerdy
Brand: Ank Rouge, F21, CLICK, W♥C, GalStar
Color: Ivory, Dusty Rose, Pink, Pastel Blue
Hobby: Drawing, Sewing, Shopping, and Sleeping
Bio: Born in São Paulo, Brazil but has lived all over the Americas. Super excitable and loves to shop, although she rarely has money. Really new to gal style.


DOB: 08/31
Style: Acid Rock/Host/Onni-Kei
Brand: H&M, Diavlo, F21, Lagust, JackRose, Xfrm
Color: Black, Grey, White, Gunmetal, Green, Red
Hobby: Shopping, Music, ParaPara, Dancing
Bio: 20-Something Gyaru-O Rocking the Style Everyday!


DOB: 01/23
Style: Rock/Sweet/Hipster/Nerdy
Brand: Betsey Johnson, F21, H&M, Alba Rosa, Ank Rouge
Color: Black, White, Aqua, Leopard, Red
Hobby: Shopping, dancing, drawing, cooking, laughing